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The legendary saxophone melody (technically it's not a solo, because it's a repeated motif that's not improvised) was played by UK session musician Steve Gregory.

A mussi petrol Nuh feel like seh you special (Chorus) Your nothing but a careless f**k you girl Easy…

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This type of poster was part of a general campaign of American propaganda during World War II to advise servicemen and other citizens to avoid careless talk concerning secure information that might be of use to the enemy. The gist of this particular slogan was that one should avoid speaking of ship movements, as this talk (if directed at or overheard by covert enemy agents) might allow the enemy to intercept and destroy the ships.

while in neutral Sweden the State Information Board promoted the wordplay "en svensk tiger" (the Swedish word "tiger" means both "tiger" and "keeping silent"), and Germany used "Schäm Dich, Schwätzer! There were many similar such slogans, but "Loose lips sink ships" remained in the American idiom for the remainder of the century and into the next, usually as an admonition to avoid careless talk in general.

Seether is full of crap with his homophobia allegations and turning it into gay angst.

Guess they don't know those artists have songs that aren't gay.

” and something about how she liked Chicago because it was cold enough for her to wear her favorite L. Hearing a story about a girl who got the upper hand felt revolutionary.