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Common tropes against bisexuals include that they are indecisive, greedy, or cheaters, and that the sexuality itself is a phase.The repetitive portrayal of bisexual characters in this manner has caused even more of a veil to cloud the B in LGBT and make it harder for the rest of the world, both gay and straight, to understand and accept bisexuality.

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While the women’s relationship has not been met with entirely open arms by the fans, it was an important decision on the show, and a significant move for the representation of all queer relationships on TV.

The most common grievance involving Alana and Margot is that their relationship sprung up from nowhere and immediately kicked off with an explorative sex scene in episode 3.06, “Dolce,” before the characters even had a lot of time to interact aside from a few quick scenes of subtle flirting.

While this may have made the relationship not seem as well-founded as it could have been (for instance, possibly implying that sturdy relationships stem from sex alone), we must consider the fact that in season three, development in anything has not been the easiest.

Because of the third season’s slow start in Italy, characters aside from Will and Hannibal have not had as much focus on them as we have seen in previous seasons.

If a new character had been introduced to play the part, the relationship would most likely have had less of an effect.