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Mary is blindsided by this news, when Kevin — with an assist from Cambie — blurts it out at the older girls’ dance recital.

When Naomi collapses onstage, Mary rushes to help her and rides with her in the ambulance to the hospital.

While Naomi speculates that Mary could be an addict or a dealer, Jess knows her mother would never do either of those things. Jess doesn’t notice Naomi pocket a vial of the drug.

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Cat deeley new dating show

As the girls are kissing, they hear a cell phone ringing and realize the sound is coming from underneath the floor.

Upon pulling up a lo0se floorboard, they find the box full of diluted Pentobarbital.

When he told Annie he was dying and wanted to die more quickly, she passed along Mary’s contact information and said she and Des were “End of Life Counselors.” Upon meeting Mary and Des, Joel tells them he wants something to help him with that.

Des says if they were in Switzerland, where assisted suicide is legal, they could.

When Naomi regains consciousness, she confesses that she thought the stuff she took from Mary’s shed was alcohol.