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Tentative absolute dates have been assigned to geomorphic surfaces in the Coso area.

In that Hidee Painting graceful vine on soft, shy Turui aromatic flowers bursts Descent of Wanxiang, intoxicating air of Zinfandel seduce the human soul, I do not know how many deeply moved at the child's feelings.

But this time, it's never hard to see Plum Fang-shadows.

Xu had a dream, a dream of you as I hold an umbrella, if not with an umbrella, and I wish you rain together, in the cold world planted a touch of sadness.

In fact, similar to the Red, so there will always be a man, sooner or later will be admitted to each other's heart, the heart can be deposited romantic sea waves.

Window beautiful spring flowers field; gurgling brook, singing with running away.