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D., and this is confirmed by the fact that Jerome seems to have known the complete book. It is possible that there were two stages in the process, first the combination of - with the Martyrdom, and second the combination of the enlarged Martyrdom with the Vision.

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But the character of the mistakes in the Greek fragment and the Latin palimpsest suggests that the complete work had already been in existence for some time when these manuscripts were copied.

It thus seems likely that the three sections of the Ascension were brought together in the third or fourth century A.

For example, we can locate the position where each city name begins by using FIND to locate the string “BORN:” in each cell.

The city name itself always starts six characters after the position of that string, so we add six to the result: In the first row above, the functions returns 50. We’ll feed that value to the MID function as the starting point for our extraction.

Of these, one, the first, appears to have been written by a Jewish author, and the other two by Christians.

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