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The two split up in October 2014, one month before the wedding.(CBS) - Charlie Sheen gave NBC's "Today" a look at his house - and at the two young "goddesses," as he referred to them, who live with him. , Sheen and Kenly have been dating for about three months and were recently in the Bahamas together.Charlie Sheen‘s ex girlfriend Bree Olson has responded to rumors that she has HIV after news spread that her former boyfriend has contracted the disease.

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She recalled that a doctor frequently came to the house and would go with Sheen into another room for privacy.

Olson was with the actor around the time he was dismissed from Two and Half Men. This was on the heels of that, let me say." Olson said she received death threats following news of the actor's HIV diagnosis, with people blaming her for transmitting the virus to the actor.

Sheen told the show that model Natalie Kenly and porn star Rachel Oberlin - also known as Bree Olsen - "don't judge" him. Kenly is the "premiere model" for the marijuana magazine "Cali Chronic X," an editor of the magazine told E! She was also named the pot magazine's "Official Chronic Girl 2010."According to Radar, Kenly was busted for underage drinking in 2006 in Lake Havasu, Ariz.

Kenly, 24, works as a graphic designer and was a high school cheerleader, according to the site.

reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."Sheen has threatened to sue CBS and Warner Brothers Television over the cancellation of the last eight episodes of this season of "Two-and-a-Half men." A CBS Entertainment spokesperson declined to comment.