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Kennedy (and the international airport) JFMIP - Joint Financial Management Improvement Program JFS - Next Generation of JLE JGR - Journal of Geophysical Research JI - Justice, Inc.

JIC - Joint Industry Council JIC - Joint Intelligence Center JIC - Just in Case JILA - Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics JIM - Job Information Memorandum JINTACCS - Joint INteroperability of TActical Command and Control Systems JIS - Japan Industrial Standards JISC - Japanese Industrial Standards Committee JIT - Just In Time JLE - Japanese Language Enveronment JMS - John Milton Society JMX - Jumbogroup Multiple X JO - Job Order JO - Junior Officer JOAT - Jack Of All Trades JOVE - Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs JOVIAL - Jules Own Version of the International Algorithmic Language JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory JRC - Junior Red Cross JSC - Johnson Space Center (NASA) JSD - Jackson System Development JSN - Junction Switch Number JSRC - Joint Services Review Committee JST - Japan Standard Time JSW - Junctor SWitch JTIDS - Joint Tactical Information Distribution Systems JTM - Job Transfer and Manipulation JUNET - Japan UNIX Network JV - Junior Varsity JVNC - John von Neumann (Super Computer) Center, "Jv NC" JVNCNET - John von Neumann (Super Computer) Center network, "Jv NCnet" K - Kilobit K9 - canine (K9 corps - army dogs) KAO - Kuiper Airborne Observatory KAOS - Killing as Organized Sport KB - Key Board KB - Kilo Byte KBPS - Kilo Bits Per Second KBS - Knowledge-Based System KC - King's Counsel (QC when queen reigning) KC - Knights of Columbus KCL - Kyoto Common Lisp KD - Kiln Dried KD - Knocked Down; Knock-Down KDCI - Key Display Call Indicator KDD - Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co.

ETD - Estimated Time of Departure ETF - Electronic Toll Fraud ETFD - Electronic Toll Fraud Device [telephony] ETH - Eidgnoessiche Techniche Hochschule ETLA - Extended Three Letter Acronym ETN - Electronic Tandem Network ETO - Earth-to-Orbit [Space] ETR - Eastern Test Range ETS - Electronic Tandem Switching ETS - Electronic Translation System ETSACI - Electronic Tandem Switching Adminstration Channel Interface ETSI - European Telecommunication Standards Institute ETSSP - ETS Status Panel ETV - Education Tele Vision EUC - Extended Unix Code EUNET - European UNIX Network EUNET - European UNIX network, "EUnet" EUUG - European UNIX Users Group EUV - Extreme Ultra Violet EUVE - Extreme Ultra Violet Explorer EVA - Extra Vehicular Activity EVX - Electronic Voice e Xchange EW - Electronic Warfare EW - Enlisted Woman (see EM) EWO - Engineering Work Order EWOS - European Workshop for Open Systems EWS - Engineering Work Station EXPO - World Exposition FA - Factory Automation FA - Finance Accounting (Sun) FA - Football Association (British soccer) FA - Fuse Alarm FAA - Federal Aviation Administration (U.

S.) FAB - Feature-Advantage-Benefit FACD - Foreign Area Customer Dialing FACOM - Fujitsu Automatic Computer FACS - Facilities Assignment and Control System FAE - Fuel Air Explosive FAESHED - Fuel Air Explo Sive, HElicopter Delivered FAG - Forced Air Gas FAI - Federation Aeronautique International FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization [U. Government] FAQ - Frequently-Asked Question(s) FAQL - Frequently-Asked Questions List FAR - Federal Acquisition Regulation FAR - Federal Aviation Regulations (U.

HCSDS - High-Capacity Satellite Digital Service HCTDS - High-Capacity Terrestrial Digital Service HD - Hard Disk HD - Heavy Duty HD - Henry Draper catalog entry HDA - Head Disk Assembly (in winchester disk drives) HDBV - Host Data Base View HDL - High Density Lipoprotein HDLC - High-level Data Link Control HDTV - High Definition Tele Vision HDX - Half Duple X HE - His Eminence; His Excellency HEAO - High Energy Astronomical Observatory [satellite] HEAP - Home Energy Assistance Program HEDM - High Energy-Density Matter [Space] HEHO - High End Hop Off HEM - High-level Entity Management HEMP - Help End Marijuana Prohibition HEMS - High-level Entity Management System HEMT - High Electron Mobility Transistor HEO - High Earth Orbit [Space] HEP - High Energy Physics HERA - HErmes Robotic Arm, "He RA" HERO - Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance HF - Hawthorne Farms (Intel) HF - High Fantasy HF - High Frequency (3-30MHz) HFE - Human Factors Engineering HFS - Hierarchical File System (Apple Macintosh) HGA - High Gain Antenna HI - Hawaii HIC - Hybrid Integrated Circuit HIFO - Highest-In, First-Out HIIPS - Hud Integrated Information Processing Services HIPPI - HIgh Performance Parallel Interface HIRES - HI-RESolution HIS - Honeywell Information System HIV - Human Immuno-deficiency Virus HLC - Heavy Lift Capability [Space] HLHSR - Hidden Line & Hidden Surface Removal HLL - High-Level Language HLV - Heavy Lift Vehicle [Space] HM - High-resolution Monochrome HMC - Halley Multicolor Camera (on Giotto) HMOS - High performance Metal Oxide Semiconductor (see MOS) HMP - Host Monitoring Protocol HMS - His/Her Majesty's Ship HMT - His/Her Majesty's Transport HNPA - Home Numbering Plan Area [telephony] HNS - Hospitality Network Service HOBIC - HOtel Billing Information Center HOBIS - HOtel Billing Information System HOL - High-Order System HOTOL - HOrizontal Take-Off and Landing HOW - Home Owners Warranty HP - Hewlett-Packard, inc.