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A detective dressed as a teenager was sitting with her back to the entrance as a team of undercover officers pounced.Police footage showed Bosma being handcuffed in front of restaurant customers before being driven to the watchhouse.Bosma was employed as a teacher at Waitara Primary School on Sydney's north shore.

Detective Senior Constable Marissa Gnech has the unenviable task of finding and chatting to suspected paedophiles in chat rooms and on social media.

On any given day she could be juggling dozens of conversations in which she pretends to be a child."You need to stay up to date with what teenagers are interested in, what music they're into, and what movies they're seeing," she said."We usually wait until [the offenders] initiate conversation with us and then we'll chat with them and see where they eventuate from there."Ms Gnech said the work could be extremely confronting."Ultimately [the offenders] want sexual gratification, which may lead to them masturbating via web camera to the child," she said."Sometimes, once they've reached that sexual gratification, communication by that offender will cease."Other offenders may wish to educate the child about sex, so that may include them giving the child instructions on how to masturbate or sending pornographic images or videos they want the child to watch."Eleven-year-old Ella from Brisbane, whose identity 7.30 has protected, became the target of unwanted attention in December when using the Canadian messaging app KIK."I was talking to my friends on KIK and I got a message from a man I didn't know," she said."He was sending some inappropriate stuff that kids my age shouldn't really be seeing and I told him to stop but he kept on doing it." Ella blocked the mystery user but still felt unsafe."I saw on the news a story about a man coming over to see a girl so I thought I should tell mum and dad because I didn't want anything like that to happen to me," she said."So I told mum and dad and we went to the police."Mr Rouse said tech companies like Facebook only recently began working constructively with police.

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