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She had long black hair, a very cute face with model looks. Danny kept stroking his cock till he saw a comment that almost freaked him out! So as soon as the sexy stuff came in of course I had to wear those. It had a short skirt so of course either panties or none you would not be covered up! He was able to watch her for a moment, seeing her in the school girl costume for the moment made him instantly hard. It still covered her nipples but he had full view of her chest and a hint of her pussy! He started to worry that maybe because of his mom walking in on him and their talk it may have caused her to stop doing her shows. After a quick dinner and a little loving back at Jessica's house I went home. Me being his willing fuck toy when ever he wanted, letting him cum in me over and over! Thoughts of him bringing home some cute little class mate, locking me out of his room making me watch though web cam as he fucked some tight little teen pussy! My mind filling with these taboo scenes, my son and I fucking the sweet little cunts of his school! I also wore some very tight "booty" shorts that also prevented me from wearing panties! " "I thought maybe if Danny didn't live with me anymore, you would want me more or something." I sighed. Have I ever said anything like "oh Susan, be real nice if you had no son around! " The look in her eyes when she said that to me not only told me she meant it... I almost thought about jumping her right there and fucking the shit out of her but she gave me a stern "not now" look as she started to make phone calls and texted. Of course three different people offered the boy a different assortment of drugs as he was walking up the many flights of stairs to his dad's place. His dad opened a door to what looked like a walk in closet with a window and a military cot. " he said as he walked to the kitchen and got himself a beer. He wanted to ask the man if he was for real but he didn't need to. = = = As Danny was in his room Greg first called his lawyer up. I kept looking at Jessica as she kept making calls and texting unknown people. Olivia placed the papers on the table and looked at me. His dad was filming kiddy porn with a girl from his school! She popped his cock out of her mouth and pulled off her top and started to pull her skirt off as Greg stood up and undressed. Greg is on top of Crystal and is thrusting hard and deep into her. Crystal moaned and groaned but the funny thing was Danny had seen enough professional porn videos to tell when a woman was faking it. Hopefully there was cell signal there and he could call or text his mom. It was a little cleaner than where he came from as he walked into the building and made his way to his friend's apartment. I knew soon my ex would call so I quickly called Olivia up. After looking around other girl's profiles I found that they sell extra little picture packages.

I couldn't really tell her breast size because she always seemed to wear blouses that were a little bigger than they needed to be. I placed my box of stuff on the hood of my car and we both hugged. "I bet he is in his room right now pulling his pud wanting to fuck you! Partly to let his mom peek in before she went to her room but to also keep an ear out for her. I could tell she was not only undressing me with her eyes but was most likely fucking me on the table in front of everyone! The first night I had it I acted like I was cleaning someone's room. " he said as he pulled his light out from next to his computer monitor. He smiled as he made sure to take as many screen shots as possible before he needed to turn his computer off. He pulled his mattress up to look at the many "issues" he created what may be hundreds of screen shots he took. At that moment it seemed like she realized what was happening as she quickly turned her back towards him. " I suddenly felt very shy as I quickly turned around to not look. It was now after lunch and he was checking one more time. He expected that she wouldn't be on, that some how he fucked everything up. He clicked on her picture and his eyes opened up wide. I decided tonight I would start the great tease off! Me teasing and toying with him, never letting him enjoy my body only being jerk off material! Oh my god my mind started to fill with some of the girls he grew up with or that I've seen in various school functions! I think I might have gotten the wrong size because I will tell you this now, they were too damn tight! Jessica stood in front of me and suddenly slapped me across the face. I just sat there in my living room watching this young woman make some serious sounding calls. His dad's apartment looked decent but it still had that feeling of just years of grossness. He bitched about how Susan didn't sign the papers and what not. She looked like a proper business woman as she walked around my living room. "The mistakes and errors were done on purpose, and there was a cause near the end that covered them. He just stood there in shock as he couldn't help but to watch the scene in front of him. Danny made sure the close the door a little to make sure they didn't see him. Her little leg wrapped around him as he grunted like a wild animal. Soon Greg pulled out and lay on the floor as Crystal climbed on top of him. As he got closer to the bottom of the fire escape a window next to him suddenly opened! Was this going to be some crazy gang banger thinking he was someone from a rival gang and shoot him? She explained what to do the night before but I wanted to make sure nothing changed. So of course I got Danny a very good camera and I made sure to follow his directions to make some very hot photo shoots!

To tell the truth, I was surprised they laid her off too. I figured the way they all eye banged her they would have tried to keep her around! " He almost had to check to make sure he some how didn't write that himself! He figured since he told her he would have his headphones on she would be more open to talking out loud instead of typing in the chat room. " He had to hold back a laugh as he started to stork himself again. "I'm sorry I'm a little late." I said as the waiter came and placed a red mixed drink in front of me. I made sure not to wear panties and bent over a lot with my ass to the camera. As I walked in I saw him working on something on his computer. There was an issue of just his mom's nude, another of the girl/girl stuff his mom and Jessica been doing. These were of his mom and her new kind of play as she used her toys and role played. He didn't realize he was not saying that in his fantasy. = = = It took me a moment to get my flashlight and robe on. Maybe something broke thorough his window or something? I was terrified; would I be walking in to my son bleeding to death on the floor? That quick movement made her robe rise up a little giving him a peek of that sweet ass! There was his mom, leaning back on her bed, her body fully exposed and she was hammering away at her pussy with a large toy! = = = When I got home Danny was already eating something he made for dinner. But then again the view of my camel toe and the look on his face was worth the moment or two of pain. All he said was I paid for my stuff with porn money." "So he doesn't know what you really been doing then! I almost felt like I shouldn't say or do anything as I kept my phone near by. She sat next to me and smiled, taking my hand in hers. "Don't tempt me Susan; you have no idea the people I know! There was a small kitchen, a living room area, bathroom and one bedroom. Jessica's theory was correct that he didn't exactly know what his wife was doing all he heard from some guy he worked with was that he saw a woman who looked a lot like her on some site. If this was any other time I would have thought this was a set up to a naughty role play scene for the cam site or just her trying to get me worked up. If you would have signed this then tried to fight it you would have had to pay penalty fees! Crystal's head bobbed up and down on Greg's cock with skill as Greg's hand pulled down the thong the girl was wearing. From where Danny stood he could see how hot Crystal's body was. Maybe one of the many drug dealers deciding Danny was going to get a free sample if he wanted it or not? She told me if the ex called to just give him her phone number and nothing else. Speaking of photo shoots, it was about a week after the court case when Olivia called in her "stage 1" payment.

I mean I figured she had sex and all but getting naked for strangers online? "Sorry guys, no buzzy buzzy." I said with a laugh as I showed them that the machine wouldn't come on. "Are you just saying this to get me to do another show with you? There was something in me what was worried that maybe that's the only reason Jessica said this stuff. Though out the remainder of the day he kept giving me hugs. I wondered if these guys were always on the site or maybe worked from home or something. Of course you could most likely get on the site though smart phones and what not! He gasped cumming hard and covering his hand with his load as some landed on his stomach and balls! Maybe the keeping it a secret from him was the worse part but tell me how you can sit your teen son down and explain how you are making money stripping naked for strangers online with out making yourself sound like some kind of sex worker and I will blow you! He would look into her eyes and say something like. But at stated before, porn logic doesn't work in real life! My pussy felt like it was dripping as I looked around.

The Cam Model's Secret Prologue: A bad couple months Have you ever had a bad day? A tip chime caught my attention and made me laugh more BIG_BLACK55 TIPPED 1000 TOKENS: Doesn't need to buzz to fuck you baby! " I said giving the camera a wink as I teased myself with the toy. Maybe she got some kind of finder's fee for getting me to sign up! I didn't mind it really, it just took me by surprise how huggy he suddenly got! I quickly typed up "hi" and explained that I wouldn't be able to talk or be on long due to my son being in the other room. He sat there, watching his mom fall to her side, trying to catch her breath. He quickly got dressed in his night clothes and rushed to the bathroom to clean up. If I wasn't spending my time being on the site or being a normal mom to my son I was with Jessica! Thinking back to when I was younger and found my brother's porn stash under his mattress I pulled up Danny's to find his home made magazines! At first I wondered why till I picked one up and found that the whole things about pages being stuck together to be true!