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One hitch--if you fail at technology, the prospect of utilizing Skype, etc. I literally just figured out how to work an i Phone. And more modern love:7 Ways to Feel More Comfortable (and Less Pervy) While Having Phone Sex Weekend Sex Adventures: We Had Dreamy Phone Sex! Can you have a worthwhile French language conversation while panicking over conjugations?I realized I'd rather endure a serious wallet hit for that last-minute nonrefundable seat than feel alone and bummed out.

They hem and haw, afraid to embarrass themselves or make themselves vulnerable to strangers on the internet.

Beginners have the hardest time dealing with this frustration.

But I'd damn sure remember losing someone I loved so heartily because we couldn't figure out a way to hear each other.

Because most long-distance couples don't have a Friar Laurence (and what good did homeboy do, anyway?

Don’t you wish you could just speak French like a local and naturally pick up the latest slang?