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Think men don't really care how you finish as long as you do it!!!! I just think its the whole texture thing i cant get around, somone said they spat it into a tissue, i think keeping it in my mouth would make me feel even more sick haha.. I would consider it very rude if he didn't swallow me so tis only fair.

as for the diet hes quite good really, lots of strawberry protein shakes, and fruit and veg etc so that could be ok.. What I hate though is being kissed after he's been down on me thats yucky Always swallow (unless I'm horrifically drunk).

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and its gone hahaha this is the funniest thread yet. at 1st i wanted to please u now i wanna like u lol.

if i do do it i do have a drink but its the taste after u have just swallowed, its horrific! thanks for the laugh girlies I always have a drink next to to the bed anyway but i still dont think i can do it lmao I think its the whole texture thing still lol..

I jus dont think about it, cant say i like it n keep it in my mouth for pleasure lol, i jus swallow it then have a drink lol.

never ever swallow, i have done so in the past and hate it, too salty and smells like chlorine!

lol When i know hes about to cum i lie down and he likes to do it on my boobs haha, but then i cringe when its on me (although i dont let him know im cringing) i just wipe it off as quick as i can lol.. I don't enjoy the taste per se but enjoy how much my DH enjoys it.