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At the end I thought, “Is she doing this with her friends right now? Is she asking her friend how to get me to stop flaking? I looked back even farther and noticed that with almost every girl I asked a friend advice for, I didn’t eventually bang her.

When you are prepared to ask advice on how to deal with a particular girl, what you’re doing is valuing her, and that’s the fastest way to not bang her.

Do the best you can then after you fail ask a buddy what he would have done differently.

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Take a big step back and go meet another girl instead.

Play the game with what you have learned from the past.

The next day I met a 7 in a coffee shop, a talkative girl who didn’t break eye contact with me in the hour that we chatted. The point is you won’t be doing your dick any favors by only chasing girls who have a lot of options and get laid regularly.

Horniness is an important dimension to screen that gets your notch count up into stratospheric heights.

While there are things you can do to reduce this, you will never eliminate it completely.