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Translate the message and story from various countries into your language real time.▷ You can translate messages in multiple languages. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: You'd normally avoid a few attention whores by blocking them.

(English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Indonesian, German, Malay, Vietnamese, Thai...etc)▷ We also support the translation feature for the text contents. But this app is literally a hoard of attention seekers and you can't filter them out on your home feed.

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“The AI chatbot Tay is a machine learning project, designed for human engagement,” Microsoft said in a statement sent to Business Insider.

“As it learns, some of its responses are inappropriate.

The full tweetstorm is hard to summarize, but its apex was probably the preposterous claim that North Koreans are on Tinder: At this point, it's fair to wonder — what in the world is Tinder, and why should I care about their Twitter behavior?