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The term "Animagnetic" was derived from the words animatronic and magnetic.

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Several different variations of this head platform will be released starting around the end of 2017.

Features: Animagnetic face system: We have been granted a patent on the design of this system.

We feel that this is the logical place to begin, as human beings spend more time looking at, and reading emotions from each other’s faces as we interact.

We are designing this platform with a modular approach, so that various features can be included or omitted, and later upgraded and/or replaced as needed.

If you pre-order the system, you will be able to make your final selections prior to production. it’s own name and then begin interacting through normal dialog.

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    There are some fees associated with most P2P loans – typically these are an origination fee, late payment fee and failed payment fee.

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    Previously, the town had gone by the names of Slabtown, Rosaville, San Simeon and Santa Rosa.

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    Midland is a thriving community of more than 111,000 people.

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    Catholic Match rises above other dating sites for Catholic singles.