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The local students get a chance to share their culture and language and at the same time they get a chance to take part in a Canadian high school programme in their own backyard! Are you marketing to agencies or institutions/schools abroad?CH: At the moment we’re working primarily with agents.Trust us it works, follow us Twitter: @chillwith HOLLAInstagram: Snapchat: Start matching!

They will also have a far better chance to make friends with Canadian students [too]. CH: I think the traditional high school ones, certainly for Canada: so we are looking at Asia: China, Korea, Japan and then in Latin America: Brazil and Mexico, Colombia to an extent and then in Europe: Germany is the big high school market and others, France and Italy as well.

We’re also very keen to market our sports and hockey academies to European markets – Russia and Czech Republic for example.

Au départ, le magazine ne comporte qu'une vingtaine de pages.

La ligne éditoriale souhaitée par Lazareff transgresse les principes des magazines féminins de l'époque : moins de chroniques au profit d'informations précises, elle recentre la mode sur les personnalités plus que les créations jusqu'à en promouvoir certaines — comme Emmanuelle Khanh quelques années après —, achète des images couleur jusqu'à New York pour les mettre en couverture.

It’s a fairly well understood product here in Canada but we’re seeing more interest from international students.

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    In recent engagements she has provided leading and boutique insurance companies, broker-dealers and MSBs with independent AML reviews, risk assessments, and AML policies and procedures.

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    In fact, after holding down second place on highest paid comedian list in 2016, Seinfeld took over the top spot in 2017, raking in million in one calendar year.

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