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to those of you who have engaged in the conversation in a thoughtful, compassionate, calm way, i hug you. to those of you who have stepped up and shared – on on my blog and on facebook – your own stories and feelings about sexual abuse and consent, i hug you even tighter.and to those of you who are seeing yourselves and your own experiences reflected in these women coming forward: i hug you the tightest.

meanwhile: may we all hold the space – in the physical world and on the internet – to take care of each other. i put a lot of time and effort into this blog and want you to have it and read it for free.

if you want to give me some help for the time and effort, THANK YOU.

listen: i am a woman who has spent a lifetime struggling to be believed myself – for so many reasons.

and i am so happy to see a conversation about women and consent taking center stage right now. i am *not* happy to see people flinging insults, using violent language and wishing harm on others.

The wife has a sister Anna, who is older than me by two years, divorced and looked very respektno.