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Does it look like there will be a fix in the near future ?

Well, I usually play TTT, i can load into a server just fine but when I start to move or something it lags a little bit but when I open the scoreboard..times than not, it crashes me..saying Its likely that this will never be fixed.

( you could longer play with 3 or 4 friends, only 1 v 1 ) And we all reported it, Team17 acknowledged it, then basically did nothing for over 11 months. Sometimes Developers have better things to do than fix bugs that only affect certain groups, and they concentrate on the mass market and most popular demographic ( usually Windows ) Honestly, my OS X has been able to play just splendid ever since I cut down on the graphic settings, so we know it does have something related to the way the font renders it all.

When I play zs (Zombie Survival) the font is so dang tiny, its sorta illegible.

But when I join the server, I get as far as "Sending Client Info..." then Garrysmod force closes. Maybe the update has done something to cause errors for mac users ? I think there are other bugs they are fixing too, I'm sure they will send out the update all at once rather than sending out 5 different updates for separate issues.