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It is an amusement park with all kinds of recreational facilities, such as the "top windmill", "log ride splash", "super bob", and "spinning coaster".

Also, there are many pavilions displaying different cultures from different countries, offering choices for enjoying your time.

It is satisfying for lovers to stroll there on a fine day, holding hands, to relax in an elegant coffee house, or to shop around for some unique gifts for each other.

The Giant Panda Breeding Center is located at the northern suburb of Chengdu, covering an area of 360,000 square meters.

Moreover, they can stop at a teahouse to have a chat if they feel tired, while enjoying the sunshine.

Recommended tour: Chengdu and Its UNESCO Neighbors.

When the tourists walk in the alley at dusk, the wisps of smoke rising from chimneys may show them an old-fashioned lifestyle that has been seen for a long time.