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Now living in Shanghai as an English language teacher, Tom — aka MC Gaoxing (lit.

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Tom Gorrie: A good friend of mine, Dan Ednie, started doing volunteer work for Jiangsu Satellite Television. You and Dan breezed past thousands to get on, I expect. They have so many people all over China who register just to get an interview for the show.

He got featured in a documentary that they were making and, through his networking, he got himself onto If You Are The One. To my surprise, Meng Fei — the host — started talking to me. ” and I go, “Yeah, we’ve been friends since primary school,” and so on. Then there’s a series of auditions — it’s just hard to get on the show.

Given the chance to dive into Oz hip-hop, would you? I’d have to become, hands down, the best Aussie rapper ever to get this far.

How did an English Language Assistant from the UK working in China suddenly find himself before an audience of millions?

I'm surrounded by scaffolding, cables and stage machinery, dimly illuminated by fluorescent lighting.