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When Harris' new band, Palms — which featured ex-Isis members Bryant Clifford Meyer and Jeff Caxide along with Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno — came to San Diego in July 2013, they invited Sleep Lady to open.

Soon after, the Quinteros moved to New York, but they kept in touch with Harris and when they formed the new, heavier, Spotlights, Harris — who was then working as a drum tech for Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham — recommended the band to Moreno. And the contrast of quiet vocals with massive-sounding music behind it is very appealing to me.

Having the three of us in the studio making a record was a great experience. Just playing for people who like your music is rewarding.


I'm used to writing the music first, so for me, a lot of that feeling goes into the actual music first before I write the lyrics.

SPOTLIGHTS PLAY ATMOSPHERIC POST-ROCK FILLED WITH TENSION. MARIO QUINTERO I've always liked playing guitar with delays and other effects, mostly from listening to the Cure. YOUR BAND IS LITERALLY YOUR FAMILY — DOES THAT PRESENT ANY ADDITIONAL CHALLENGES? Keeping the studio going was no longer sustainable. My initial thought was to keep working in a recording studio as much as possible and try and make that work out, but the music thing started taking off faster than the job opportunities. That's why we included the lyrics because even though they're a little vague, they paint a picture of what we're trying to say. It's a scene of the afterview once all is said and done. DID THE CURRENT POLITICAL CLIMATE, TERRORISM AND THE GROWING NUCLEAR WAR TENSIONS DRIVE YOUR CREATIVITY?

We landed in some of the right places at the right time. We've played to two people and the bartender plenty of times. "Seismic" is the beginning of the end and it goes on from there. Well, it's kinda hard to look at the world at this point and not think about these things.

Deftones front man Chino Moreno plans to one-up the rest by performing inside a volcano in Iceland.

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