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Hackers used malware to steal customer payment data from most of Chipotle's restaurants over a span of three weeks, the company said on Friday.

Sunday 7/16: Hospital visit for dehydration, nausea, pain. This is the worst that I have ever seen.' The company said it shut down its location in Sterling, Virginia, that week after becoming aware of a 'small number' of reported illnesses.

Chipotle said it was working with health authorities to understand the cause, adding that the reported symptoms were consistent with norovirus.

A customer captured the horrifying incident on camera, showing how one rodent was climbing the wall while another appeared motionless on the floor.

Scroll down for video A third rodent was seen in the video scrambling to its feet before scampering away.

Kelsey confirmed in a statement to Daily in July that 'a few mice' did get inside the restaurant.