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I was converted at age four when I attended Vacation Bible School in the summer of 1956.

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And at the risk of making myself vulnerable to you, of opening myself up to charges such as, "Wallace's views can be dismissed because we know whence they come," I wish to share with you, at some length, who I am and how God is working in my life.

Second, I have eleven theses to put on the table--theses that have to do with our deficiencies in how we relate to the Holy Spirit. I grew up in a conservative Baptist church in southern California.

Note: This message is a slightly modified version of what was given at the Evangelical Theological Society's regional meeting in 1994, held at John Brown University in Arkansas. Wallace's other essays on conflicting pneumatologies (i.e., different views of the Holy Spirit's ministry) to gain a balanced perspective.

As is the case with past presidents of ETS-SW, I have had quite some time to think about this address.

All these aspects of modern church life are problems.