Christian dating books young adults

If you are a young woman looking for reading material to help you grow in your faith and strengthen your walk with God, you have come to the right place!Following is a list of ten books (and a few more at the end!

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I would recommend this book to any young woman desiring to make biblical choices in her early adult years. Reading this book I was reminded of the importance of God’s Word, wisdom, wise mentors and counselors, etc. Again, all Scripture is taken from the King James Version of the Bible. For that reason, I believe that reading this book will inspire you to pursue God and know Him as well.

So many of us lack the desire to have a close and intimate relationship with God.

As a young woman, making decisions and navigating through young adulthood can seem daunting and scary.

So many mistakes are made in the early years that we must learn how to make wise choices and walk in the unique path and plan God has for us.

All Scripture in the book is taken from the King James Version of the Bible.