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In addition to their star-studded wedding party, Christian and Brad celebrated their day with A-listers like Alicia Silverstone, Kelly Osbourne, Christina Hendricks, and "Our biggest unexpected challenge was planning for rain," the couple says.

"We had four large tents on standby in case the weather wasn't in our favor." Another tricky pre-wedding task?

On Brad's side stood his cousin Nicole Palladino, performance artist Anna Hafner, singer Alicia Solombrino, blogger Nicolette Mason, and friends Lisa Graham and Geneva Simms.

Christian was joined at the head of the aisle by sister Shannon Greenwood, models Anna Schilling and Jasmine Poulton, friends Elizabeth Ferguson and Sarah Roffee, and actress Danielle Brooks."Since there was no bride, we wanted our best friends to wear white gowns, all from Christian Siriano, of course, as they stood by our sides during the ceremony," the groom's say.

So the new space sort of became the canvas for that, and slowly the modern furniture was phased to the office or out of the picture entirely. Most of our big furniture is from places in the city like Restoration Hardware, Williams Sonoma, West Elm… We do a lot of clothes shopping close to home, too, and our place is walkable to Christian’s studio, so it’s pretty perfect.