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The logic here is that the unbelieving single girl or single guy the Christian is dating may become saved through their witness.What fuels this popular rationalization is that in very rare instances, this actually does occur.“My boyfriend (girlfriend) is more moral than other Christians I’ve dated.”This sad commentary on the evangelical Christian church is in line with findings of Josh Mc Dowell and George Barna that show there is no real difference in the sexual behaviour of Christians and unbelievers.


Listen, the Lord deeply loves you, but wants you to make decisions that will make Him proud and prosper you at the same time. You will not be disappointed, but remember he makes things all beautiful in His time, not yours. So before going headfirst into a pile of crap, check out these verses carefully: 1 Cor. If you are a Christian single who has further insights on dating unbelievers, please consider helping other singles by sharing your experiences.

So think about and pray over the following points before making any dating decisions in this area.

History is littered with the ruined lives of those who have failed to obey this command.

If even Solomon, the wisest dude ever, screwed up in this area, why do Christians think they can love Jesus maintain romantic relationships (dating, marriage) with unbelievers?

I pray nobody misuses your system and that the Lord has His hand in all of your future endeavors.