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Sanitation is a neglected aspect of development in countries, the money going to this is minor.

If you look to the economic impacts of poor sanitation, and the potential gains from improved sanitation, than the investments in sanitation should be very helpful for everyone The most disastrous impact of poor sanitation is an increased risk of infectious diseases and premature death, declaring for more than 4.8 billion annually.

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Still the problem goes on: What to do with the amount of garbage produced by more than 10 million residents of Manila every.

In Dagat-Dagatan, Navotas, a group of women has taken the matter, of the community's garbage, into their own hands through the Metropolitan Environmental Improvement Program (MEIP).

Diarrhea is the most common water-borne disease, then intestinal worms, typhoid, and cholera.

These diseases are very common because more than 25 million Filipinos do not have a basic access to sanitation and more than 13 million do not have proper water resources.

In the past years, "Smokey Mountain," once a smoking mountain of garbage, which was Manila's monument to one of the city's most continuously problems; trash.

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    A list of our cooperating national funding partners can be found here.

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