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Although they have shaped her entire life in profoundly damaging ways, she has concealed them with ferocious determination.

When she opens the door, her head is wrapped in a towel and she’s wearing a silicone face mask that leaves slits for her eyes, nostrils, and mouth, making her look like Hannibal Lecter on a bad day. “My eyes are so puffy from crying, and I’m just trying to make the swelling go down.”Hatcher has to be on the set of in less than three hours, but first she will do a lot more crying. As Hatcher sinks into its embrace, nervously fingering the glistening mask, she looks like a very small, very strange doll.

Next to the beanbag is a wicker pig, a gift from her romantic disaster.

However, Clooney's spokesman, Stan Rosenfield, denied the pair are, or ever have been, romantically involved. I spoke with George he told me, 'The rumour, reports, etc.

that I've had several dates with Teri Hatcher are not true.'" Hatcher, who plays hapless single mum Susanne Mayer in 'Desperate Housewives', has also denied she was dating the Oscar-winner.

Behind the pale lemon-yellow walls of Susan Mayer’s house, her ex-husband sits at the kitchen table, eating cake and gloating at the angry confrontation he has engineered between Mike the plumber and Susan’s current flame, Dr. As cast and crew members watch, Teri Hatcher careens frantically down Susan’s front walk in a wheelchair, which then tips over and dumps her onto the street.