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Companies need a practical approach to dealing with modern views toward inter-office relationships, and the fallout from them that can ensue.Whether the question is “want to get a drink after work” or a more modern crude expression, we recommend the following step-by-step approach from the initial ask and response: Step One – Get With the Times: By no means do we intend this article to encourage workplace romances, as they are a huge distraction to both the participants and third-party co-workers who spend valuable time gossiping and spreading rumors, while feeling dissatisfied and distrustful of the lovebirds.

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Co worker dating contract

From out and out prohibition, to managers who look the other way when there’s an occasional “cuddle-n-kiss” in the supply closet, the risk of liability for relationships at work is a real threat.

Despite company tactics to thwart liability, romance at work is not fading, but it is ever-present and growing stronger.

Workplace Options reported that 40 percent of younger workers wouldn’t have a problem dating a supervisor.

Workplace Options’ study results also showed that 57 percent of respondents would share their workplace romance with friends, other co-workers, and even on social media.

Of course, many circumstances may make individuals decide against disclosing their relationships, or entering into a love contract.