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“People look at the Obamas together and feel good—they are two people who really like each other; that’s an appealing, emotional image.” The Obamas also convey a playful sexuality in public never seen with political leaders, he says.“You could picture them heading back after a state dinner and getting frisky under the blankets.” Veroni, author of , sees Grégoire, like Michelle Obama, as a “political spousal brand,” which is complicated: “It has to be both independent and subservient to the ‘master brand,’ ” he says.She’s seen to be rewarded in political currency, supporting causes she cares about while burnishing the Trudeau brand.

But celebrating his marriage, a love story told in breathless detail on, the Liberal party’s website, proved heart-warming for many.

Of course, even those less charmed couldn’t avoid the inevitable result: footage of Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau holding hands on an anniversary hike, trailed by RCMP, as she looked up at him, laughing, her hand (where else? It wasn’t the world’s first glimpse of the Trudeaus’ talent for exhibitionist intimacy.

The organization now goes by the name Water Aid Canada.

(Peter Bregg, CP) But emulating the first lady model, which has narrowed in scope over the past half-century, comes with a downside.

The spectre of the first “male first lady” suggests that could change.