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In the late 1990s a reference to homosexual conduct was added to the code, and in 2001 Associate Dean of Students Lane Fischer over the BYU Honor Code Office stated that it was inappropriate for a BYU student to advocate for the [homosexual] lifestyle by publishing material or participating in public demonstrations as well as advertising ones same-sex preference in any public way.

From the moment you walk on campus to graduation day, you should always be smart and be safe with yourself and with your possessions.

These are some safety tips that you should follow while on campus or anywhere you will be.

By this time, women were allowed to wear slacks and pant-suits, but jeans were not allowed until 1981.

The CES Honor Code governs not only academic behavior, but everyday conduct on or off campus, and dress and grooming standards of students and faculty, with the aim of providing an atmosphere consistent with LDS principles. Wilkinson agreed on a university policy that "no one will be admitted as a student ... They agreed to share information about individuals cases of homosexual members between general church administration and BYU administration. may I suggest you leave the University immediately ....

In the 1960s, several rules regarding longer hairstyles in men were introduced after long hair on men became associated with the radical movements then springing up on college campuses around the country.