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If you are applying for forgiveness of loans that are with different loan servicers, you must submit a separate form to each of them. To receive a cancellation, you must be directly employed by the school system.

Top If you have a loan from the Federal Perkins Loan Program you might be eligible for loan cancellation for full-time teaching at a low-income school, or for teaching in certain subject areas. There is no provision for canceling Federal Perkins Loans for teaching in postsecondary schools.

An “academic year or its equivalent” for cancellation purposes is defined as one complete school year or two half-years that are from different school years.

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If your five complete and consecutive years of qualifying teaching service began before Oct.

30, 2004, please note the following: Each year, the U. Department of Education publishes a list of low-income elementary and secondary schools.

Also, more than 30 percent of the school’s enrollment must be made up of children in the Title I program. To find out if a school is classified as a low-income school, check our online database for the year(s) you have been employed as a teacher. All elementary and secondary schools operated by the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE)—or operated on Indian reservations by Indian tribal groups under contract with BIE—qualify as schools serving low-income students.

Questions about the inclusion or omission of a particular school must be directed to the state education agency contact in the state where the school is located and to the U. NOTE: If you have had a portion of your loan canceled for teaching at a low-income elementary or secondary school in one year, you can continue to have portions of your loan canceled for teaching at that school even if it is not listed as a low-income school in later years.

However, your employing school must consider you to be a full-time professional for the purposes of salary, tenure, retirement benefits, etc.