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We had a lot of other things in common, but between that and a few other reasons, we realized we weren't as compatible as we'd originally thought. I've never gone to a convention, but I wouldn't mind going just to see what all the hullabaloo is about.

Honestly, there were times that I felt like she looked down on me like a child for still enjoying these things, you know? Dressing up....well, I do have a Superman belt buckle and shirt.

At Cuddli, our mission is to create joy by making people’s lives more fun. Unlike many companies, we’re not run by business guys who don’t understand technology.

We believe in hiring smart people and getting out of the way so they can do their best work.

Another contributor to the collection, Jen Aprahamian, penned a story titled, "Read AM," which addresses the anxieties of impatience and anticipation that come with interacting with potential dates through texting and other relatively new modes of communication.