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If you tell me, “Well, what I want is a relationship that lasts! You’ll then want to check out this blog on, How to Says No. You’re well on your way to dating for commitment and lasting love!

To help, I created this amazing one page worksheet to help you make your Lasting Relationship Vision.

Begin to own what it is you absolutely and soulfully want from a loving intimate relationship.

This promising connection suggests the possibility of a relationship and this triggers the emergence of fantasies and needs. The dance of flirtation may not indicate a “readiness for relationship.” These are two different things.

Larger mental and emotional fantasies evolve, generating a complex landscape of relationship possibilities, both positive and negative.

From endless online sites that over promise to find you “the one.” To the growing mindset of complete commitment phobia. ” They’re exhausted from the dead end dates that leave them disappointed and rejected. And most of the time, their exhaustion is because they haven’t mastered just one very important thing. Yogi Berra stated this so well: When it comes to getting the relationship you most desire, you need to get down and dirty in the details.