Comparing and validating measurements of dependability attributes

comparing and validating measurements of dependability attributes-28

These searches were originally performed on 19 January 2012 and updated on 27 June 2013.

The Cochrane database was searched on 7 February 2013 and updated on 9 September 2013.

The quality of the measures was assessed using the Quality Criteria developed by Terwee The search identified 2264 citations (figure 1).

Fifty-eight papers were included, reporting 58 studies and 61 measures of adherence, of which there were 29 questionnaires, 29 logs/dairies, two visual analogue scales (VAS) and one tally counter. Where reported, there were a total of 2093 men and 2911 women with a mean age of 55.7 years (SD=12.4 years).

Study selection To be included articles had to be available in English; use a self-report measure of adherence in relation to a prescribed but unsupervised home-based exercise or physical rehabilitation programme; involve participants over the age of 18.