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A toxic parent has a long list of weapons, but all come under the banner of neglect or emotional, verbal or physical abuse. You get an A , they’ll wonder why you aren’t school captain.

Toxic parents lie, manipulate, ignore, judge, abuse, shame, humiliate and criticise. You make school captain, your sister would have been a better one. They’ll push you down just to criticise you for the way you fall.

If you’re reading this and thinking, ‘Well yeah, my parent/s did that, but only because it was true – I’m pretty useless at life,’ then chances are that parent was a toxic one.

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With the deliberate decision to move forward, there are endless turns your story can take.

Brave, extraordinary, unexpected turns that will lead you to a happier, fuller life.

Your home shouldn’t make you sick and finding and treating the mold problem will ensure that doesn’t happen.

So sorry to hear about Gillian B's very untimely passing. My mum and her new boyfriend had just left the house, and my brother was upstairs listening to music.

It failed miserably, with me only able to get about two layers on my wrists. I struggled around for about five minutes before I forcibly ripped the bonds loose and untied myself, dumping the large ball of tape in the bin.