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Artzt supposedly told Kumar "that he questioned whether I should implicate Wang when asked by the government about CA's accounting practices.By the end of the conversation, however, Artzt thought it was best not to disclose the 35-day month practice or Wang's involvement.

Tennant says it's the lack of paper trail and a generously short statute of limitations: It's widely understood that the reason Wang managed to get away with throwing Kumar under the bus and professing his innocence was simply that he was smart enough to avoid using e-mail and voicemail.

As a result, investigators were unable to produce any physical evidence of his involvement in the accounting fraud that destroyed the lives of too many people, and that nearly destroyed his company.

The statute of limitations in the case has now expired, so Wang will never go to prison, at least not for the wrongdoing that the CA board of directors' Special Litigation Committee said he committed at CA.

But be assured of this: In 2010 he entered a prison of his own making that for him is far more horrific than being confined in a cell. The "prison of financial turmoil" Tennant is referring to: Wang's twin investments in money pits Neu Lion internet broadcasting services and a local club hockey team called the New York Islanders.

Holding the books open for an extra few days would create the appearance that the company had met its quarterly financial projections, therefore keeping the stock prices high, analysts bullish and investors happy. Moreover, KUMAR and others concocted and presented to the Company's Law Firm an assortment of false justifications, the purpose of which was to support their false denials of the 35-day month practice.