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On paper, it gives up 23 horsepower and 33 Nm of torque against the 2.0 V (122 horsepower, 154 Nm), but in reality, it doesn’t feel all that underpowered, well at least initially.

Despite losing 13-percent horsepower per metric ton to the 2.0-liter (96.44 vs 111.5), the 1.6 V feels just as responsive from the get-go.

Squint hard and you’ll see bits of Camry, RAV4, and 86 thrown in (which is a good thing).

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Consolidating audio logic 9

The side profile reveals the additional girth put on by the newest model which has been disguised well otherwise.

The 1.6 V rides on smaller 205/55R16 tires which, surprisingly, still look fine; though the same can’t be said with the large wheel well gaps.

The rest of the Corolla Altis package falls among similar lines: it’s a relaxed, smooth, and quiet cruiser.

The steering is precise but vague; the brakes bite well but require some pedal force; and there’s pronounced body roll through corners.

And yet, it’s backed up with all sorts of goodies you won’t come to expect in a car of this price: push button engine start/stop; automatic climate control; USB audio with Bluetooth hands-free; rear sunshade; back-up sensors—clearly, Toyota’s pricing and spec-ing of this car is a guaranteed hook more so than any other Corolla Altis.