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In some cases they may be able to reach a settlement before you have enough to pay the settlement company’s fees.The settlement companies we interviewed all offer flexibility in these situations, letting you divide your payment into monthly installments.If you value customer service most, Freedom Debt Relief is a good choice as its customer service is highly regarded in the industry.

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If you don’t meet the minimum debt amount, you’ll be referred to a credit counseling agency.

These are non-profits that can give you guidance on budgeting or enroll you in a debt management plan.

By entering a debt settlement program, you agree to have the debt settlement company negotiate with creditors on your behalf.

As part of this program, you’ll stop making payments to your creditors and begin making one monthly payment into an account set up by the settlement company.

Once you join you’ll get access to a dashboard that lets you track the progress of your settlement, see how much you’ve deposited and access useful budgeting and financial tools.