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The purpose of this course is to examine the concept of ethics and how it relates to the insurance producer.

It attempts to show how embracing a personal code of business ethics will guide the producer's activities beyond that which are required (or prohibited) by law toward a higher level of service and success.

In the majority of cases, this reliance has served the insurance buyer well.

The insurance producer, as a licensee, and as one who deals with consumers, must strive to develop and work within an ethic that demands, encourages and rewards high standards.

Importance of Compliance in Ethics Being "in compliance" with the law means adhering to a minimum set of required standards.

From all these sources we see that human behavior often goes beyond mere imperfection.

Human beings commit fraud, embezzle, steal, deceive, conceal and withhold, all to the detriment of others.

In this course, we are defining ethics as "a form of self-regulation, based on personal standards and principles, informed by ideals and standards drawn from outside one's own knowledge and experience." We acknowledge throughout our discussion that personal standards and principles may be imperfect, and even if our personal standards were perfect, they cannot be consistently obtained because we are human.