Courtship dating lyrics official

Questions six ye'll tell to me and that is three times twa Before I lie in your bed either at stock or wa'. ”The priest is standing at the door, just ready tae come in; No one can say that he was born, no one unless he sin; A wound cut in his mother's side and he oot' o't did fa.

So we'll baith lie in ae bed and you'll lie neist the wa'.” Little did that fair maid think that morning when she raise That it would be the very last o' a' her maiden days.

The dove she is a gentle bird and she flies without a gall, So we'll lie both in one bed and you'll lie next to the wall.” “Oh,” said the pretty lady, “before you me perplex It's you must answer questions yet and that is questions six. And in the parish where they live they're the happiest pair of all And they both lie in one bed and she lies next to the wall.

Questions six you must tell me and that is three times twa Before I'll lie in your bed at either stock or wall.” “Oh, what is greener than the grass? The Earl of Rosslyn's daughter walked through the woods alone When by came Captain Wedderburn, a servant of the King.

And in the parish whaur they live they was not a blither twa And they baith lay in ae bed and she lay neist the wa'.