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helped a lot It's just more of the thought of that if I need to scale in the future (which I hope I will) if it's possible just to setup cluster.Cheers, David Hi David Sounds good, hope it goes well for you Sorry, just so it's clear, the cluster uses only 1 /chroot/home and is usually on the CM.

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Try to do the following: 1) Kill the mysql server /etc/rc.d/init.d/mysql stop 2) Repair all SQL databases: myisamchk -r /var/lib/mysql/*/*.

Everything is at "0" and I cannot seem to locate any system menu or user menu to recalculate the stats.

Found 0 would indicate there are no logs The quandary is webalyser found the logs to display, and that is shown first in line of your posted errors for collection of logs, and awstats and analog show blank I would have thought permissions if it were not for webalyser I would open a support ticket and let IW support have a look, as you may have found an issue.

If you could confirm by looking at the log directory and seeing if there are any logs present, that would be handy to know I'll have a little think more this afternoon but if you open a support ticket, please ensure you state you have activated remote connection, otherwise it maybe delayed as IW will not know, and if you could update thread, I'd appreciate it Many thanks John I've raised a ticket will update once I hear back. I guess if the worse comes to worse is that I reinstall and set-up the host on Cent OS 6 and test.

I've not had the chance to setup clustering just yet but it's something I plan to do over the next few days.