Conversely, Craigslist has warned that if its adult section were quashed, users would relocate to sites that don't follow these practices.

CEO Jim Buckmaster claims that when the company began screening ads manually last year, users "left in droves for the numerous venues which do not monitor ads" and "do not cooperate with law enforcement." Such lax competitors, in his view, include "the large mainstream internet portals, the major search engines, large telephone companies (yellow pages), major newspapers, [and] chain operators of alternative weeklies." , which owns


"Here's an ad with photos (NSFW) of bare genitalia …

describing specific sex acts offered," Buckmaster wrote four months ago in the Craigslist blog, linking to a ad.

Bölüm izle// Yayınlandığı saatlerde çok iyi reytingler alan Söz 2.

Bölüm, özellikle Söz son bölümü sitemiz üzerinden direk olarak yayınlanmaktadır.

The attorneys general summarized their case against the company in a letter (PDF) two weeks ago.