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Besides, some scientists and spiritualists believe that dealing with a virtual partner is the same as dealing with a visual, sound, or tactile image, so that the second subtle body, as well as the complementary energy, is absent.Thus, according to their opinion, cybersex has nothing to do with the elements of the Tantric transformation of energies.It’s up to you whether to choose cyber sex or stick to more traditional types of love, but either way, your sexual energy has to be shared.

But, in fact, it existed before the era of computers.

To be precise, erotic fantasies, dreams, the use of pornographic literature, films, and different forms of striptease can also be considered as varieties of virtual sex.

All are connected in a global Oneness (or in a cosmic orgy, if that is your preference,)” says Ivo Quartiroli in his book TIvo Quartiroli assures, “Through cybersex meetings, which are almost exclusively with partners who are strangers, we can even approach a Tantric attitude where young, old, beautiful, ugly, thin or fat no longer matter. We can even export that same attitude to our offline life.

Tantra is about “not choosing”, merging with the sexual energy in itself.

They allow for creating an electronic representation of typical things, of everyday actions. The phrase “cyber sex” appeared relatively recently in connection with the development of new computer technologies.