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"Q104 is, in no way or manner, awarding the winner of this contest with sexual services or favours or participating in any type of prostitution or forced non-consensual arrangement," the rules say.

The radio station looked into concerns about human trafficking and sexual exploitation and would have abandoned the contest if they found any connection to international dating services, he said.

NDP MP Megan Leslie is apologizing to Czech women over a Halifax radio station's mail-order bride contest, but a spokesman for the station says he’s disappointed in her criticism of the giveaway. "There's obviously no sexual connection with the dating.

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The station has gotten about 50 applications for what they call a "giveaway" and will choose two finalists to be interviewed on air Monday.

The winner gets a flight to Prague and four dates to be used with up to four women.

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Douglas said any criticism about the contest using the term "mail-order bride" is unfounded, but seemed confused when told the implication is that a man chooses a woman out of a catalogue.