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All films that terrified me without explicit gore and superb screenplays. seems like an interesting idea totally derailed by an out of control ego.

As the taut drama unfolds, Young (Rivers Wash Over Me, The Reception) asks whether a new set of lies is necessary to set Brad free.

Running through Brad and Yenny’s charged interactions, along with loneliness and grief, is the troubling matter of paternalism.

They speak tenderly to each other as well as talking dirty.

Soon Brad is sending Yenny money to help him settle small bills, but not without questioning whether he’s being played by the playfully earnest young man. Young’s story poses another complex question, and one that grows more urgent as Brad grows obsessed with Yenny: Can a not-quite-real relationship, and one in which we know at least one party is lying, be a source of personal truth and self-realization?

One happy couple even invited the owner of Lock and Key, Darren, to their wedding in Italy.