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I'm all in anticipation of these hot, passionate kisses, I imagine how greedy you will undress me with your own eyes and I want to see you, my sweet ... I miss you every minute, sometimes I'm so sad that this distance hinders us, that I want to cry, I think you would not let my tears down if you were near, how gently you would hold me, my little girl, regretted and reassured, And I will feel me in your hands, protected, calm and happy. typical Massma IL Now, finally, I can tell you everything I think and not be afraid at the same time, because you do not see me, how can you not see my feelings.Write to me as soon as possible, because every letter of yours I'm waiting with impatience and reading with trem bling, I'm all in Waiting ... Baby, I can not wait to meet you, you know, I'm a fragile little girl and I've never been in a foreign country, I'm very scared to be one far from home without your help. it's not stupid, it's wonderful that you are so sensitive and romantic, I'm happy to meet you On my way of life ....... But I will try to tell you about them as much as possible in order that you feel what I feel!

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If you are only with me, then there will be no barriers between us. Pic 2 / So you understand how much I appreciate you and I'm afraid of losing! I am happy when you feel good, and if you are hard on your soul - then I will worry, worry, I can not close my eyes peacefully. You are far and near to me heart and soul, but I can not touch you. I take it in hand, playing with him manicured nails. I read by glance that you want more and more, that you want these games never to end.

I hope for your understanding and support, because the real relationship should be built on trust is not it? I'm burning with impatience, I want to be with you ...... Beloved, I hope that you will understand everything I want to tell you in this letter. I believe in you, I'm afraid for you, I love you and I know that, no matter what, I will be there! The sense of separation is stronger than me, because it slowly kills me, depriving me of sleep and joy ... We are so ridiculous and funny to get acquainted, this is even difficult to come up with. As a summer breeze is pleasant in the heat, so you always care for me gently. When you enter me, caressing beforehand, without ceasing .... You can caress so sweetly that I could never tell you "no." I am ready to give myself to you at any time (night and day). I know how to do it, so that it will not hurt you to do it.

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