Dating a baseball player

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The latest report alleges Lozada has been dating Los Angeles Dodgers baseball player Carl Crawford.

Several months ago, Lozada was spotted with the young and accomplished baseball player in New York. On Twitter however, Lozada’s ex-husband Chad Johnson received word from a friend that he too had spotted Lozada and Crawford together.

The crème de la crème become wives, and we’ve got 25 great ones here for your enjoyment. Alejandra Tejada Miguel Tejada has been embroiled in steroid controversy of late (he’s also had to answer questions as to whether he’s actually a couple of years older than he claims – a somewhat common problem for Dominican players), but it’s not all bad.

We did our best to rank them, but when they are all this hot you could easily rearrange and mix and match and still have a pretty defensible list. He’s got his huge bank account and ridiculously hot wife to go home to at night. Alicia Rickter Mike Piazza had some questions following him around questioning his sexuality for a number of years (the New York Post put the rumor in print at one point), which made it somewhat comical when he married former playmate Alicia Rickter.

Her husband Kris, who must be one of the most pussy whipped guys on earth, just recently won a spot in Rangers rotation after not pitching in the majors the past two seasons.