Dating a businessman pros cons

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Negotiation and compromise, the tools of healthy relating, are not part of their vocabulary.

The antisocial narcissist will never put himself in a situation where he feels vulnerable.

Therapy, as you can imagine, is out of the question. Simpson, Rihanna's ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, and Casey Anthony appear to exhibit behaviors that are typical of this type. Warmly, Deborah I laughed my way through most this lovely article because it is spot on and because I am out!

You might as well have asked the person to walk through fire for you. I'm ending my post today with some tongue in cheek wisdom that is sad but true. 3 years ago I divorced a narcissist and a month ago I finally ended a spotty on and off relationship with a, very sweet, charming, funny, 'wolf-in-sheep's-clothing', woudned little boy, narcissist.

Wow, narcissists are so teflon proof (i cant be mad at you). This article just seems to point out, like every other article out there the "you're screwed" philosophy of dating a narcissist.