the guy i am dating is still on match com - Dating a commitment phobe

It's easy if this was established at the start, But that's where you become vulnerable if it's not reciprocated isn't it?Do you end up feeling more for their wellbeing than they do for you?Sadly this is where feeling are going to come into it.

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I've read profiles that insist on getting to know someone, won't meet immediately etc.

I imagine those people who want a connection as people who enjoy passion or intimacy with a sexual partner.

The one offs don't do it for me much and the odd occasion they do I want more of it and it doesn't happen. "Okay so for me, I need a little connection at least.

Couple of reasons, I need to make sure it's worth essentially risking my marriage for and for me to fully enjoy sex I need there to be a little something. I have had sex with people I've never met before and barely spoken to and it tends to feel quite empty and it doesn't rock my boat, so to speak.

There has to be a connection that involves feelings and emotions for me.