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The original (6G16 circuit) Vibroverb was introduced in February 1963.The speaker lineup and the output transformer were based on the Fender Super amp of the time and the circuit based on the Fender Vibrolux of the time, with no presence control and only one 12AX7 tube for the tremolo effect.The cosmetics incorporated the brown "Tolex" and wheat-colored "Ecru" grill cloth used in 1963, as well as the "flat" Fender logo plate found only on the brownface amps.

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Vaughan acquired two 1964 blackface Vibroverbs in the late 1970s or early 1980s at two different times and locations, thought to have sequential serial numbers, but were sequential production numbers (#5 and #6).

The Vibroverbs used by Vaughan were also modified by Cesar Diaz in a number of ways (see "'64 Vibroverb Custom" below).

The TREBLE control was the same as found in many Fender amplifiers of the time (i.e., Pro Amp -6G5A-, the Super -6G4A-, the Showman -6G14-, the Vibrolux -6G11-).

It was fitted with a "tapped" treble circuit, meaning that the treble control is "flat" at setting "5"; cutting or boosting the treble was possible by turning the knob down (below "5") or up (above "5"), respectively.

Tube complement: Power:............6L6GC (Two) Preamp:...........7025 (Two) Phase Inverter:...7025 Rectifier:........

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